Sport Floor

Sport Floor

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Sport Floor

We provide Sport Floor or court classification of Champward CW-301 system, which has solid PU surface. Our System has listed in ITF as "Category 3" in court surface classification. The layers of the system are given below:
  • PU line marking paint
  • PU durable finish (outdoor)
  • Non Yellowing PU Matt Finish (Indooe)
  • PU Sport Surface Coating
  • PU Sport Surface Base Coating
  • PU Sport Surface Coating + Rubber Aggregate
  • PU Primer / Epoxy Primer
This has a thickness of 4 to 8 mm full PU resins applied in site, paved on to either reinforced concrete or asphalt substrate. The System is cushioned court with excellent playing characteristics of good traction and uniform medium-fast bounce, an all-weather for year round play, and relatively low maintenance. These are suitable for multiple-use indoor and outdoor sport surface coating.